Friday, 14 June 2013


It’s rehearsal night and David is on all fours in front of his bass drum, his huge frame dominating the space.

He is absorbed, concentrating on tightening the drum spikes into the rug so it won’t shift across the floor when he plays.

Getting up he hitches his jeans, shifting slightly from one foot to the other, a small hissing noise escaping from his lips as he examines the rest of his kit.

Satisfied, he sits down on his throne, picks up his sticks and pushes his large black wide-rimmed glasses onto the space just above his forehead.  Focusing for a moment on the room and the other band members he crosses his arms, the sticks pointing upwards to his beard.  Gently he rubs his spare hand over his upper arm, his fingers delicately seeking out his latest tattoo, which is still healing, just about resisting the urge to pick.

Now bored with waiting he grasps the sticks and starts to play.  His arms cross his belly to tap the hi-hat with his right hand whilst his left deftly pushes the stick on the rim of the snare, tapping a beat across the thump of the pulse from the bass drum.

Louise calls the band to order and David, his head slightly lowered , moving from side to side, does not react.

“David, come on, we need to start.”
“Yeah, yeah, ok sorry, what’re we doing?”

This little piece of character writing was done as coursework for the Creative writing Flying Start workshop I have joined over the last few weeks.  If you are interested in writing it's a good place to start.

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