Sunday, 2 June 2013

Here Comes the Sun

The holiday we have just been on to Norfolk was a strange one.  We booked it late, as I seem to be making a habit of, and so ended up with very little choice in terms of where three people could stay in half-term with a dog.

We ended up in a “chalet” in Bacton, a non-descript seaside village on the North Norfolk coast.  We arrived in depressing weather, and the heavy greyness which became fog only lifted on our final day.  It was difficult not to be affected by this as well as the cynical cheapness of the badly designed chalet which was massively over priced for what it was.  Of course the chalet bore absolutely no resemblance to the pictures on the internet and the promise of a sea view, when the fog lifted enough for you to be able to see it, was of course the entrance to the "park" (we obviously were not part of the group of chalets which were the “most” in “most with sea views”).

It upset me to realise that if you find yourself within a certain spending bracket you are treated with contempt.  No effort was made to make the property feel welcoming – there were no loo rolls, tea-towels, washing up implements and the only food in the kitchen was salt (at least it was apt).  No nice welcome basket with some tea bags and milk at the ready after a long journey, which we have grown to expect (am I spoiled?).  I suppose I should have felt lucky to have had the beds made up but one look at the “double” bed left me banished to the punitively narrow single bed in the other room; David would have to sleep diagonally in order to sleep in the bed we were meant to share.

But despite all this we did have a good time.  We all bonded well together at “Go Ape”, swinging bravely from trees.  David and I managed a couple of lovely walks with Ruby on the seafront, wrapping up in winter woolies, to watch the waves thunder into the shore, whilst Elliot took a break from his parents in front of the TV.  And finally on the Friday the sun shone.  It was the most beautiful moment, driving out from the grey into the sunshine, suddenly everything became three dimensional again and our moods lifted.  The sense of euphoria did not leave us all day as we mooched around Norwich (an old home town of mine) and sat out in cafes greedily drinking in the sun.

(No photos of Norwich or the sunshine - too busy enjoying it)

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  1. Someone asked me today if the photos on this blog were actually taken in Norfolk last week - I can confirm that yes these were taken then - it was crazy weather, Louise